Underappreciated Gems: Shaving Creams

Some products are lauded by shave aficionados and ordinary grooming enthusiasts alike. They sit on many a top ten list and get accolades thrown at them. There are others that are appreciated by those in the know, but don’t garner as much press.

Yet plenty of these products offer great performance and, usually, much better bang-for-your-buck. For some reason people don’t seem to sing their praises as much though. Let’s try and rectify that.

Here are some shaving creams that really deserve your attention, but which you might not be familiar with.

The Body Shop Maca Root

I’m starting with a reasonably well-known example of an underappreciated gem. Just because it gets mentioned doesn’t mean it’s not underappreciated though. This rarely makes top tens, yet offers both great performance and fantastic value.

Crabtree & Evelyn

Shaving doesn’t seem to be high on the C&E agenda -- judging by the way these go in and out of stock -- so it can sometimes be hard to find, but it’s worth the effort. Known for their fragrances, C&E creams perform great while packing a nasal punch.

Edwin Jagger

Probably better known for their hardware, Edwin Jagger also offer a range of creams. They’re either made by Muhle, or the same people who make theirs, so you can apply this to those as well. Anyway, these creams offer easy lathering and excellent performance.

Gentlemen’s Tonic

One of a range of luxury grooming brands established in London since the turn of the century. The company is mainly a barbers offering traditional wet shaves and a range of their own-brand products. Using a unique selection of ingredients this cream offers good performance, albeit at an above-average price.


As with the previous entry, this is another London-based grooming brand. They seem to have doubled-down on the Avalon range lately, but that’s a plus point as it’s a fantastic fragrance. Although on the premium end of the price spectrum, this really delivers on all fronts.


Better known for their brushes, Kent also offers some software to go with them. Their ‘skin conditioning’ cream includes menthol to give you a pleasant cooling sensation as you shave in addition to great performance.


Another small company from London. They don’t offer a huge range, nor the best value on this list, but what they do, they do well. They have also broken away from the traditional scent combinations, which is good for those wanting something a little different.


One of a range of creams from countries that are rarely mentioned when it comes to shave products, yet these offer great performance, nice cooling and all at a very wallet-friendly price. Don’t forget to look off the beaten track next time you want a great shave.

Alvarez Gomez Agua De Colonia Barberia

Although the jar is quite pricey, per ml this is still great value and those that have used it rank it alongside the greats. Yet this is rarely mentioned on English-speaking forums. Another where the origin likely affects its popularity rather than its performance.

La Toja

Though they may not top performance lists, there are plenty of creams thar get mentioned when it comes to best value offering. Aside from the usual contenders,this should also be considered for providing great shaves at very affordable prices.

So if you fancy something different, something that offers a rich experience but without the hype, give one of these a try.