The Top Ten Shaving Creams

This list is a purely personal top ten, based on my own experience. I put it together by going through the reviews you can find over at Shave & Review.

10. Truefitt & Hill Authentic No. 10 Finest Shave Cream

One of the big-names of British shaving, having been around for over 200 years. This is actually the budget end of their creams and doesn’t pack the same punch scent-wise as some of the others, but it’s perfectly pleasant and significantly cheaper. Good performance for the price.

9. Gentlemen’s Tonic Traditional Shave Cream

Part of the new generation of London-based grooming brands. Not one for the scent hounds, but there are some unusual combinations that provide an interesting shave. Good performance and nice presentation.

8. Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream

The second of the long-established “three Ts” to make the list. Taylors typically offers a much better price to performance ratio than the other big names. You can’t really go wrong with any of their scents, but I found the Jermyn Street Collection very good.

7. Castle Forbes Lime Shaving Cream

Price-wise, this certainly falls into the premium category, but you get a decent amount for your money. It also shows in the scent, which is both strong and natural. That would mean little without providing quality shaves, which it does.

6. Murdock Avalon Shave Cream

By far my favourite fragrance of the creams I have tried, the Avalon scent is (to my nose) divine. That said, be prepared to pay for it, as this is the most expensive (per ml) on the list. The performance didn’t quite match those heady heights or it would have been top of the list.

5. Proraso Shave Cream

This barely needs an introduction, such is the pedigree of the Proraso brand, which has been around since 1908. Every shaver should have a tube of Eucalyptus & Menthol in their collection. It’s one of those products that impresses you every time you use it and it’s a bargain to boot.

4. LEA Classic Shaving Cream

Spain isn’t mentioned very often when it comes to wet shaving, yet they have a long tradition and LEA is a great example. You don’t last as long as they have without good products. This is one for fans of menthol, providing a strong cooling sensation. It’s another that is easy on your pocket too.

3. XPEC Original Shave Cream

This often appears near the top of shaving lists and who am I to argue? Not particularly easy to get hold of and recently reformulated (never a good sign), it’s a premium-priced offering. It delivers on performance though. The fragrance is good too, with plenty of punch (they offer an unscented version as well).

2. L’Occitane en Provence Cade Shaving Cream

The headline ingredient is juniper, which has a bunch of useful properties and smells great as well. Although the fragrance isn’t particularly strong. I found this lived up to its reputation, offering great slickness and post-shave performance.

1. St. James of London Shaving Cream

Despite being around since the 50s, this seems to fly under the radar and isn’t as well known as some. Available in a range of scents, packaged in glass rather than the usual plastic and offering top-notch performance, it deserves to be lauded more regularly.